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Meet the 2014-15 GLC Team!-0

Meet the 2014-15 GLC Team!

September 3, 2014 | Academics, Tutoring | 0 Comments |

As the 2014-15 school year kicks off in Northern Virginia and Charlottesville, GLC’s team will be here to help students achieve their academic goals. We want to share a few interesting facts about this year’s GLC team so you can get to know your tutors better!


GLC Alma Maters

GLC’s 2014-15 team includes graduates from 13 different colleges, including Virginia, Penn, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Duke, Brown, and Dartmouth.

GLC Colleges

GLC Majors

We’re very exited to see such a variety of strong academic credentials from this year’s team. Our tutors come from many different backgrounds, but they’ve all succeeded in demanding programs from some of America’s top colleges and universities. This year’s team has majored in the following academic areas:

  • Mathematics: Math, Computer Science
  • Sciences: Biology, Neuroscience, Materials Science and Engineering, Pre-Medicine
  • Humanities and Languages: English, History, Spanish
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, International Studies, Arabic Studies, East Asian Studies
  • Arts: Theatre, Music


GLC Hometowns

GLC is a local company, but we are excited to bring the top tutors from across the country to Northern Virginia and Charlottesville. We have a strong midwestern contingent this year, with tutors coming from Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We also have a pair from Tennessee, and one all the way from Utah, in addition to several from Virginia and the Northeast. We’re looking forward to a fun year of regional debates, especially during college football and basketball seasons!

GLC Hometowns


Highlights and Fun Facts

Our tutors aren’t just cardboard cutouts with good grades; each GLC team member brings a unique personality so we can connect with students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Here are a few fun facts and interesting highlights about this year’s team members:


International Experience

If you work with Erin (Australia), John (Ireland), Matt (Ghana), Ife (Chile), Kristy (Italy), Rebecca C. (Jordan), or Jackie (France and Japan), be sure to ask about his/her time abroad!


Musical Skills

GLC could launch its own eight-person ensemble this year, sporting an eclectic lineup of Han Jun (Violin and Ukulele), Kristy (Flute and Violin), Danett (Guitar and Piano), Ross (Saxophone), Alison (Guitar), Rebecca C. (Vocals), John (Vocals…?), and Louis (Rap Lyrics???).



GLC tutors are active outside of the classroom too. Just ask Margaret (College Lacrosse), Rebecca G. (Triathlons and Half Marathons), Erikka (Trail Running), or Ross (Hiking).


Odds and Ends

Here are a few other fun facts we’ve already discovered about this year’s team:


  • Outside of the classroom, our tutors have helped young learners in many other capacities. Michael, Matt, Louis, Jackie, Danett, and Kristy have experience as teachers and/or counselors, while Danny and Kat in Charlottesville were both Resident Advisors for UVA undergraduates.
  • Rebecca C. worked as an EMT in New Jersey, so she knows how to handle stressful situations.
  • GLC tutors get results in the lab; Han Jun researched neuron activation at Duke, Alison focused on the hemolysin enzyme at UVA, and Rebecca G. covered stroke-related movement disorders at Dartmouth.
  • Kristy seems to bump into celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bradley Cooper on a semi-regular basis.


We wish your family the best of luck as we head back to school in 2014-15, and we hope you’ll have as much fun getting to know our team this year as we have!


Annie Burnquist
Georgetown Learning Centers


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