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SAT Classes at GLC

SAT Classes at GLC – an Award-Winning Prep Option

Effective. GLC’s SAT Success Course combines expert in-person instruction with comprehensive prep materials to help students achieve their goals. Each course meeting incorporates crucial test taking strategies, pinpointed academic content review, and real SAT practice problems to help students see big score increases while building their confidence. 

Local. Our classes are held in local neighborhood offices in the communities that we’ve been a part of for almost 20 years! Since we know the academic backgrounds of students in the McLean, Great Falls, and Charlottesville communities, we’re able to tailor our test prep approach to capitalize on what students have learned in their actual high school courses. 

Expert. Our instructors are the best of the best. They’ve graduated from the nation’s top universities and they’re energetic and passionate about helping students succeed. They know the best ways to effectively communicate proven test prep strategies to students. Our full-time instructors have at least 100 hours of training before they enter a classroom and have hundreds of hours of experience working with high school students in one-on-one and classroom settings.

SAT Classes

Courses include 20 hours of instruction, 2 or more full-length diagnostics, and weekly homework assignments. In Person Courses cost $1199 and Online Courses cost $999.

Summer 2024 SAT Class Schedules

SAT Test DateClass ScheduleLocationsPriceFull Schedule
Summer ClassMondays & Wednesdays

10 am – 2pm

July 10 through July 24
Full Class Schedule
August 24, 2024Sundays


July 21 through August 18
Full Class Schedule
August 24, 2024Mondays & Wednesdays

10 am – 2pm

July 31 through August 14
Full Class Schedule

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