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What We’re About

At Georgetown Learning Centers, our goal is to develop confident students who have the tools to succeed in any academic setting. To us, education is truly a team effort in which students, parents, and teachers collaborate to achieve a common goal: success in the classroom. We recruit from the best schools in the nation and look for personable, energetic, and talented individuals who want to make a difference.

Associate Director Position

This is a dynamic and exciting position that will reward individuals who are interested in education and working with kids. Associate Directors will form relationships with students and their families, identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, and develop programs that will help students succeed. In addition to maintaining comprehensive knowledge of their subject areas, each AD will communicate effectively with all students and offer solutions for a variety of learning styles. Most importantly, ADs will serve as role models and mentors who guide kids to a love of learning.

Opportunity for Growth
Since GLC is still a small company, every employee contributes significantly to its growth. Employees have the opportunity to become involved in many aspects of the business including recruiting, community outreach, curriculum development, marketing, and business strategy. ADs who have demonstrated excellent performance and leadership skills will have the opportunity to expand their roles within GLC.


  • Experience working with kids and an interest in education.
  • Degree from top liberal arts college or university with strong academic performance.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and an independent work ethic.
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills.
  • History of community involvement and leadership.

How To Apply
Please apply using GLC’s online application system.

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