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SAT Classes at GLC

SAT Overview – Updated for 2016 and Beyond

Starting in March 2016, the SAT will undergo a major overhaul. In general, the SAT will shift to a more curriculum-based test. That means the test will ask questions more directly related to the topics that students learn in high school Math, English, and Reading classes. In particular, the SAT will test topics including Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Writing Skills, Grammar and Punctuation, Rhetorical Devices, Reading Comprehension, and Reading Critically.


There will be four sections plus one optional essay on the Redesigned SAT. Students will receive an Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score out of 800, based on performance on the questions in the Reading Test and Writing & Language Test. Students will receive a Math score out of 800, based on performance on the questions from two math sections – one of which permits calculator usage, and one that does not. The Redesigned SAT is scored out of a maximum of 1600 points.


For more information about the SAT’s scoring, timing, and test sections, please read our pages below:

SAT Timing

The SAT includes 4 multiple-choice sections of Reading, Writing and Language, and Math content, plus an optional Essay, clocking in at 3 hours and 50 minutes. Such a long test can be a major challenge for students, especially considering that the SAT starts early on Saturday morning. Learn more about SAT Timing…

SAT Scoring

Confusingly, the SAT’s maximum score–which was 2400 points from 2005 through 2015–is once again 1600 points. For test takers, there are many strategic advantages to knowing more about how the SAT is scored. Students can maximize their results by mastering these rules. Learn more about SAT Scoring…

SAT Reading

The SAT Reading Test poses a challenge due to its emphasis on comprehension skills and testing stamina. A consistent approach to this section helps students avoid pitfalls and move at the brisk pace required to achieve top scores. Learn more about SAT Critical Reading…

SAT Writing and Language

The SAT Writing and Language Test assesses students’ English usage and expression abilities. Many students struggle with this test because it emphasizes unpopular topics like grammar and punctuation. Learn more about SAT Writing…

SAT Math

The SAT Math Test covers material ranging from basic arithmetic through geometry and trigonometry, with a strong focus on algebra topics. In addition, the math section can be a challenge because students must answer several questions without using calculators. Learn more about SAT Math…

SAT Essay

The SAT’s optional Essay requires students to read an article and analyze the author’s use of evidence, reasoning, and rhetoric, which can be a major challenge in a 50-minute timed writing at the end of a long test. Learn more about the optional SAT Essay…

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