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Private SAT & ACT Prep

For students with demanding schedules, private SAT & ACT tutoring provides an intensive, individualized program designed specifically to meet their needs. The flexibility of one-on-one test prep allows students to concentrate on specific concepts and improve where they need it most. We also work around students' hectic schedules to help them prepare during the busiest times of the school year. Private test prep is ideal for students scoring in either the upper or lower ranges, or those who need to focus on specific areas of their test prep plans.

Personalized Curriculum

While most students benefit from a general SAT or ACT course, some students need prep plans designed specifically with them in mind. Our SAT materials are tailored to fit each student's specific needs and target particular strategies and content areas, providing efficient and in-depth preparation.

Flexible Scheduling

For busy students, our weekly classes may not be a convenient option. Private test prep is available for multiple hours and days each week, providing the ultimate flexibility around your schedule. Private tutoring allows students to prepare for the SAT or ACT while remaining involved in extracurriculars and other after-school activities.

Materials & Diagnostics

For students enrolled in our SAT or ACT test prep packages, all materials and full-length diagnostics are included at no additional charge. These homework materials, study guides, and practice tests provide students with valuable timing and scoring experience that helps make them confident test-takers. Please contact your local director for package and pricing information.

Undivided Attention

Our students achieve excellent results with personal attention from our test prep experts. Our instructors -- all graduates of top universities -- have track records of academic success and top test scores. In one-on-one settings, our teachers identify specific strengths and weaknesses while directing students toward the strategies that maximize results.

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