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The Advantages of GLC

With subjects getting tougher and college admissions growing more competitive each year, students can't afford to struggle in the classroom. At Georgetown Learning Centers, we believe that one-on-one tutoring is the best way to boost a student's confidence and ensure success in school. Whether students need help with their weaker subjects or are pushing to excel in their AP classes, the individual attention given during a private tutoring session is invaluable when it comes to classroom performance. While many of our high school students are working toward their college admissions goals, private tutoring sessions also enable younger kids to build great foundations for future success. Our instructors have experience helping students of every age group reach their academic potential. Contact our office to speak with our directors and schedule your sessions today!

Building Strong Relationships

At GLC, we recruit instructors from top colleges, and they relate well to high school and middle school kids. That's why many of our students are excited to come to tutoring and leave with not only an understanding of the material, but a sense of confidence. These benefits help students achieve results they can be proud of on their report cards. While our competitors rotate kids between several different instructors, our teachers are personally invested in the success of each student and intimately understand how they learn best. Questions are answered, topics reviewed, and above all, the student has an instructor's undivided attention in every one-on-one session.

Flexible Scheduling

Tutoring is most effective when it fits alongside other obligations instead of displacing them. That's why GLC offers convenient scheduling options for just about every family. We offer times in the afternoons and evenings during the week so students can fit sessions in alongside sports and extracurriculars, and we also offer tutoring on Sundays for students who are too busy to make it work during the week. Many families prefer to lock the same day and time each week, but we can also add extra sessions and make adjustments based on your schedule.

Regular Updates

At GLC, we believe that open communication between educators and parents is a critical part of each child’s success. Our tutors are trained to give regular updates to parents regarding their student’s progress and the content of tutoring session

Comprehensive Tutoring

Our expert tutors provide tutoring in most levels of Math, Science, Spanish, French, English, History/Social Studies, Study Skills and Organization, Reading and Writing Enrichment.

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