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Private tutoring that helps students thrive in the classroom.

Whether students need help with one of their tougher subjects or are pushing to take their academic performance to the next level, the individual attention given during a One-on-One tutoring session is invaluable.

Award-winning SAT and ACT prep that gets results.

At GLC, we combine expert materials with top-notch instructors who deliver information in a way that students understand. The result: confident students and higher scores.

Inspired Learning. Named a 2016 Best Test Prep and Tutor Option!

We work to create confident students with the tools to thrive in any academic setting. Our team of passionate, highly-trained instructors are committed to helping students improve grades and build confidence.

Personal attention in a small group setting.

Our Study Lounges are designed to help students finish homework, study for tests, and build effective study habits. Our goal: help kids improve grades while cultivating the academic skills for long term success.

SAT Success Course

With expert, personalized instruction and proven test strategies, our students build confidence and score higher.

  • Small classes McLean, Great Falls, & Charlottesville
  • Full time, expert instructors
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Academic Tutoring

    From tough math classes to advanced placement history courses, our tutors are trained to help kids succeed.

  • Individualized one-on-one sessions in a variety of subjects
  • Expert instructors from top universities
  • Long-standing relationships with local schools and educators
  • Convenient hours in McLean, Great Falls, and Charlottesville
  • The GLC Difference

    At GLC we believe that successful students are inspired students. That's why we focus on building confidence, instilling study habits, and encouraging students to excel.

  • Thrive in tough classes
  • Build confidence and inspiration
  • Cultivate strong study skills
  • Prepare for college
  • Help with Every Subject

    From middle-school math and freshman study skills to AP exams and college essays, our team of expert tutors is here to help.

  • Pre-Algebra to Calculus
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Spanish, French, Latin
  • Honors & AP Level Courses
  • Summer Review/Preview
  • Exam Review

  • A Little About Us

    Since 1998, Georgetown Learning Centers has been an educational leader in McLean, Great Falls, and Charlottesville communities. We offer a broad range of academic tutoring and test prep services designed to boost grades, increase scores, and build confidence. Our mission is to support students with compatible instructors and cultivate relationships that nurture academic performance and inspire learning.

    I've been thrilled with the communication from GLC - always keeping me in the loop. Very pleased with the program and where else can you go back for a refresher course if you want to try for a better score? Chris F.

    My daughter always felt more confident after her sessions. Her grades definitely improved. GLC Parent

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