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Successful Students
Over the past several years, Georgetown Learning Centers has become an educational leader in the state of Virginia. For many families committed to learning, our tutoring centers in Great Falls, McLean, and Charlottesville are a key part of their children’s education. While we offer a broad range of services – one-on-one tutoring, SAT prep, review classes, and study lounges – our goal is always the same. We work to create confident students who have the tools to succeed in any academic setting.


Strong Relationships
At Georgetown Learning Centers we work hard to know our students. We match each child with a single tutor for the entire semester. Thus, our tutors deeply understand the learning style of each student and are personally invested in his/her academic success. And that familiarity makes a difference. Many of our students stay with us for several years and develop a strong rapport with their instructors. While daytime classroom teachers may change every semester, GLC’s tutoring can be a constant in your child’s educational growth.


Help Along the Way
GLC’s broad course catalogue also ensures that students are not forced to go elsewhere when new educational needs arise. We offer tutoring programs that help our students successfully overcome challenges throughout their academic careers, from working through their 7th grade science classes to acing the SAT and nailing their college admissions essays.


Outstanding Teachers
The quality of our tutoring team is another key to our success. We have hired recent graduates from top institutions such as Yale, Georgetown, the University of Virginia, and the University of Pennsylvania who relate well to students and understand the academic challenges that they will face after high school graduation. Our recruiting, however, is not based on diplomas alone. At GLC we’re committed to finding personable, high-energy instructors with a track record of success with kids. Most importantly, our team members are full-time instructors committed to education and devoted to giving your child their undivided attention. In addition, we stress training that helps our staff identify different learning styles, develop confidence-building strategies, and understand local curricula.


A Team Effort
We believe that education should be a team effort. At Georgetown Learning Centers, we know our students benefit from the cooperation among parents, classroom teachers, and our instructors. Because we’re locally owned and operated, we know the curricula of local schools and understand what is expected of our students in the classroom. And our team strives to keep in contact with classroom teachers so we can stay informed about what will be expected of our students throughout the year – great for helping students get organized.

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