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The SAT at GLC – Trusted Test Prep Since 1998

The SAT was stressful enough before the College Board’s recent changes to the test. Many students (and parents) have questions about the SAT and how to prepare for it. At GLC, we’re dedicated to helping your family understand the SAT and formulate testing plans that make sense and get results.


We offer a full array of group classes and private sessions designed to help students develop testing confidence and achieve strong scores on the SAT. We’re also happy to simply answer your questions about the SAT, or discuss which options might be best for your family:


To get started, click on one of the options below to learn more about the SAT and how GLC can help your family make informed testing choices:

SAT OverviewSAT Prep at GLCSAT Prep ClassesPrivate SAT Prep
SAT Overview - Georgetown Learning Centers Get the facts you need to make informed decisions about the new SAT with GLC's comprehensive overview of the test's content, strategies, and more. SAT Prep at GLC GLC's SAT Prep programs have been trusted in Northern Virginia and Charlottesville since 1998. Learn more about our approach and the different prep options available. SAT Classes at GLC Trying to find the right SAT Class? Click here to view scheduling options for McLean, Great Falls, and Charlottesville. Online registration is just a few clicks away!Private SAT Prep at GLC Private SAT sessions offer a combination of flexibility and personal attention that's tough to beat. Learn more about GLC's scheduling options and build your own customized SAT prep plan.

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