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ACT Prep at GLC

GLC’s Approach to ACT Prep – Trusted Since 1998

While the SAT gets a lot of attention in Virginia, we know that the ACT is a great option for many students. GLC provides options for individual tutoring and small in-person classes to help students prepare for the ACT. While many students will choose to prep simply for the ACT, we know that the ACT is a back-up option for many students that have already taken the SAT. Whether your child is already familiar with the SAT or starting standardized test prep for the first time, our instructors can tailor their approach to fit your student’s unique needs.


No matter what options our students choose, they will work face-to-face with our expert instructors that are energetic and passionate about helping students succeed and build confidence. Our instructors are graduates from top universities like Yale, Penn, UVA, Notre Dame, and Brown and have extensive experience working with high school students. Our full-time instructors have over 100 hours of training and are adept at connecting with students and teaching the most important strategies and lessons needed for success on the ACT.


We know that selecting between the ACT and SAT and then preparing for the right test is stressful for parents and students alike. We’re committed to answering your questions to find the option that’s right for each family. Our instructors know that communication is crucial and provide families with regular updates about student progress. We also believe that relaxed, confident students are the ones that perform the best on test day. We teach students the material that’s most important for the ACT, help them navigate the timing challenges of the test, and provide ample practice opportunities so that they can be confident in their knowledge on test day.


ACT Success CourseACT Success PlusPrivate ACT Packages
Most Popular Option
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FormatIn-person class
Small-group study lounge
In-person class
Private one-on-one
Small-group study lounge
Private one-on-one
Small-group study lounge
Hours of Instruction12-24 class hours
Twice weekly study lounge hours
24 class hours
12 study lounge hours
2 private hours
6-14+ private hours
Twice weekly study lounge hours
Diagnostics and MaterialsIncluded at no chargeIncluded at no chargeIncluded at no charge
Face-to-Face Instruction
Director ConsultationX
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What’s the Right Choice for Your Student?

Our ACT Classes are a popular option for first-time ACT-takers that learn well in an engaging group setting. Our ACT courses deliver comprehensive preparation for all sections of the test – English, Math, Reading, Science, and the Essay. The course covers important strategies, reviews tested math, science, and verbal concepts, and provides hundreds of practice problems. Student can reinforce what they’ve learned with weekly homework, ACT Study Lounge, and diagnostic tests.


Private ACT Tutoring works well for students that need a more personalized prep program. Private tutoring can focus just on student’s weakest areas and works well for students that have busy schedules, since private tutoring is offered Sunday through Thursday. It also is the go-to choice for students who have lower scores on one or two test sections since we can specifically target those sections. We recommend private tutoring for students starting with very high scores and students that might need more instruction on academic content than is provided in the class. Students can schedule 6 to 14 or more private hours, and a director can help families pick the best package based on amount of prep needed, sections of the test to cover, and time to ACT test date.


ACT Success Plus is the best of both worlds. It includes the full ACT Success Course which gives students a comprehensive relevant ACT information plus two one-hour private sessions with an instructor. This option is perfect for students that want to make sure they cover all the important content from the class, but also have the opportunity to receive extra, targeted tutoring. We recommend this option for first-time test takers that may be anxious about test day, since some individualized attention and focused practice on weak areas can help student confidence soar.


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