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SAT Prep That Works

On average, students who take our SAT success prep course increase their test scores by 260 points! That’s because our classes combine expert materials with in-person instruction by dedicated instructors to deliver information in a way that kids understand, helping students boost their scores and confidence. Our SAT prep courses are held in local neighborhoods and are always small, personalized, and conducted in-person. Over the past 15 years , we’ve been able to help thousands of students in McLean, Great Falls, and Charlottesville achieve better scores and get into the colleges they deserve.

Personal Attention

Our SAT prep courses are limited to 12 students, allowing for a dynamic, engaging classroom experience in which students can interact easily with their instructors. Students receive one-on-one attention in our biweekly study lounges, where they can work on homework assignments, receive supplemental exercises, and work individually with our instructors (a benefit the national prep chains don't offer).

More Prep Time

  • 20 hours of direct classroom instruction
  • Personalized help in our Study Lounges
  • Full time instructors from top universities
  • Full-length SAT diagnostic tests
  • The GLC SAT Prep Course Handbook
  • Supplemental exercises & practice problems
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Worry-free course retake
  • Learn from the Best

    Our instructors are graduates of the nation's top universities such as Yale, Penn, Duke, and UVA. They’re energetic and passionate about helping students become confident test takers and achieve outstanding results on the SAT. SAT prep is only as good as the person in front of the board, and that's why we hand pick top-notch instructors from across the nation.

    Advanced Curriculum

    Students work from our SAT prep workbook, a carefully crafted curriculum of SAT strategies, practice exercises, homework assignments, and vocabulary assessments designed to cover every facet of the test. We also provide supplemental exercises to help students target individual test areas and improve specific SAT skills.

    Value and Results

    Our small, locally focused team knows that value matters, and our SAT class offers more hours of instruction than those of our competitors at a significant discount. All students are guaranteed a free retake of the course, allowing students to begin their SAT preparation early and cover the test thoroughly.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    We offer official, full-length SAT diagnostic tests outside of regular class hours. This helps students learn test timing, build stamina, and identify areas for improvement. Students receive detailed score reports from each diagnostic test they take with us, outlining their performance on 37 different SAT concepts and problem types.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Study Lounges?
    Study Lounges are hour long guided-study blocks held twice a week in which students can gather to work on homework, review concepts, and ask questions of their instructors. Conducted in small classrooms by course instructors at our GLC offices, these hour long blocks are optional but highly encouraged for students who want to gain the most from the SAT Success Course.

    What if my student misses a class?
    We recommend he or she attends that week's Study Lounge to work with an instructor through the most important missed material. We find that students typically need to attend one Study Lounge for every two hours of missed class time.

    What is an SAT diagnostic test?
    Diagnostics are real SAT tests from previous years released by the College Board (the organization that creates and administers the SAT). GLC offers the chance to take three diagnostics with each SAT Success Course. After completing the diagnostic, students receive a comprehensive score report that pinpoints areas for improvement and progress over time.

    What if my student can't attend an SAT diagnostic test?
    We can administer SAT diagnostic tests any time during our normal tutoring hours. Call or email your local director to schedule a make-up time that works best for you.

    Who is eligible for the free course retake?
    Everybody! All students are guaranteed a free retake of the course regardless of their improvement. The free retake may be used for any of our school-year or summer SAT classes, with the exception of the class leading up to the March SAT.

    Does GLC sign my students up for the actual sitting of the SAT?
    No. The College Board administers the actual SATs, and you must register through the College Board website. Register early so you can ensure getting your preferred testing location.

    How do I sign up?
    Registration is available online or over the phone. Click here to view SAT Class Schedules, or call us today for more information.

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