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SAT Classes at GLC

SAT Overview

The SAT tests students on three important subject areas (Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing) across 10 different timed multiple-choice sections. Each student receives a score between 200-800 points on each of those three subject areas, leading to a maximum possible score of 2400.


The SAT is a challenging test for several reasons. The Critical Reading section tests students’ stamina as well as their abilities to understand a variety of passage types and vocabulary concepts. On the Math section, test takers must navigate through a number of concepts from arithmetic, algebra, and geometry combined with problem-solving techniques. And the Writing section tests students on grammar and usage concepts as well as their timed writing abilities.


For more information about the SAT’s scoring, timing, and test sections, please read our pages below:

SAT Timing

The SAT includes 10 sections of Critical Reading, Math, and Writing content, and clocks in at 3 hours and 45 minutes. Such a long test can be a major challenge for students, especially considering that the SAT starts early on Saturday morning. Learn more about SAT Timing…

SAT Scoring

While most students know that the SAT’s maximum score is a 2400, there are many strategic advantages to knowing more about how the SAT is scored. Students can maximize their results by mastering these rules. Learn more about SAT Scoring…

SAT Critical Reading

The SAT’s Critical Reading sections pose a challenge due to their emphasis on reading comprehension, vocabulary usage, and testing stamina. A consistent approach to this section helps students avoid pitfalls and move at the brisk pace required to achieve top scores. Learn more about SAT Critical Reading…

SAT Math

The SAT’s Math test covers material ranging from basic arithmetic and statistics to algebra and geometry. In addition, the math material emphasized pragmatic problem-solving techniques that don’t always come naturally to students. Learn more about SAT Math…

SAT Writing

Added in 2005, the SAT’s Writing test assesses students’ usage and composition abilities. Many students struggle with this test because it emphasizes unpopular topics like grammar and timed writing. Learn more about SAT Writing…

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