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Private SAT Prep at GLC

Private SAT Prep – Personalized Help for Top Scores

Private SAT Prep can be the perfect option for many families that have diverse needs. Private tutoring has both scheduling and content flexibility, so it’s a popular choice for students with busy schedules or students that need a more customized prep program. We recommend Private SAT Prep for students who have lopsided scores on their first diagnostic and will need to focus more on one section of the test. Private SAT Prep is also the recommended route for students that score in the lower ranges and need more academic material review and for students that have initial SAT scores in the highest ranges and will benefit the most from pinpointing their specific missed question areas. We know that some students learn best in a private tutoring environment rather than in a group class and we can cover all the material from our SAT Success Course in a private setting.


6 Hour SAT Package10 Hour SAT Package14+ Hour SAT Package
Focus on One Test Section
Comprehensive SAT Prep
Our Most Thorough Prep Plan
Twice Weekly Study LoungeIncluded at no chargeIncluded at no chargeIncluded at no charge
Diagnostics and MaterialsMath OR Verbal Book
2 Diagnostic tests
Math AND Verbal Books
3 Diagnostic tests
Math AND Verbal Books
3 Diagnostic tests
Director ConsultationIncluded at no chargeIncluded at no chargeIncluded at no charge
Price$450$720Starting at $910
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Choose This Package!
Choose This Package!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule private sessions?
Call our email a local office director to schedule Private SAT sessions. The office director can provide scheduling options, recommendations on the appropriate package, advice on the best instructor fit for your child, and possible practice test times. Most families will schedule one or two sessions each week to lead up to the selected SAT test date, so it’s best to have a test date in mind in order to set up a Private SAT Prep program.


How does GLC choose the instructor for my child’s private session(s)?
We take three things into account when selecting an instructor for the sessions. First, we know it’s crucial to find an instructor with the best teaching style for a particular student’s learning style. We know that some students work better with a more structured teacher, while others work better with a more laid-back teaching style. Second, we take into account the specific score goals for a student. If a student needs to focus only on the Reading section, for example, we would pair them with a strong verbal instructor to best meet the student’s needs. Third, we consider scheduling constraints for both the student and instructor. You can review our instructor bios here.


Why should I choose the 6 hour Test Prep Package?
The six-hour test prep package is a good choice for students who only want to focus on one section of the test. Students will receive either a math or verbal book and two diagnostics to track their progress. We find that 6 hours is helpful for students to pinpoint their weaknesses and make improvements in one section of the test, but is usually not sufficient to prep completely for the entire SAT.


Why should I choose the 10 hour Test Prep Package?
The ten-hour test prep package is best for students that want to cover the comprehensive instructional material from the class but prefer to learn in a one-on-one setting. We can spend equal time on each section or adjust the sessions based on individual student needs. Students receive a math and verbal book and 3 diagnostic tests.


Why should I choose the 14 hour Test Prep Package?
The fourteen-hour package is best for students that want the most comprehensive prep for the SAT. This works well for students who want to go in-depth on particular topics or question types and receive the most amount of practice. This is also a good option for students that may need more academic instruction on unfamiliar concepts, like trigonometry, grammar, or statistics. Sessions in addition to the 14 hours can be added at $75/hr.


What are Study Lounges?
Study Lounges are guided hour-long study times held twice weekly in which students can work on SAT homework, review important concepts, look over diagnostic results, and ask questions of an SAT instructor. While Study Lounges are separate from the curriculum that the instructor and student cover together, they provide a great opportunity for some additional practice.


What is the Director Consultation?
Director Consultations are an opportunity for parents and/or students to meet with the office director for 30 minutes. Families can discuss their prep plan, receive feedback about a diagnostic test, or learn tips on how to make the most of their experience at GLC. Please contact an office director to schedule the optional consultation.

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