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Study Lounge


Help When You Need It

One-on-one tutoring is a great fit for many students, but others prefer to work in small groups and receive assistance on an as-needed basis. GLC’s Study Lounges are perfect for students who prefer a mix of independent practice and individual instruction. These hourlong sessions include up to four students, and are staffed by our most versatile instructors, enabling students to get help with a wide variety of tricky math, science, writing, and other assignments.


Balanced Academic Support

In Study Lounge, help is always just seconds away whenever a student gets stuck. Our tutors strike a balance between direct assistance and independent practice so students engage with material, build skills, and develop confidence in tough courses like chemistry, geometry, and precalculus.


A Fun Learning Environment

Students who learn and work best in social environments love our Study Lounges. These small groups of up to four students along with an instructor maintain a fun, informal atmosphere that enhances productivity without adding lots of extra pressure.


Versatile Subject Help

Students juggling several different classes benefit from the versatility of our Study Lounge instructors. Whether they’re switching between Spanish, algebra, and physics, or US history, calculus, and biology, students feel confident that they can get the help they need during Study Lounge.


Flexible Scheduling

Study Lounge is a great option when regular one-on-one sessions don’t fit your schedule. There’s no commitment if you want to try it out, so contact our directors for scheduling options and other information.

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