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Effective tutors merge subject matter expertise with teaching skills and genuine passion for learning. That’s why we hire graduates of top colleges—such as Penn, Duke, Notre Dame, and UVA—who have valuable experience teaching others. Tutoring isn’t an after-school activity, part-time job, or hobby for our instructors. They are fully committed to helping kids in McLean, Great Falls, and Charlottesville thrive in school and achieve their academic goals.


Northern Virginia

Ife Salako

Director of McLean

Ife is a Milwaukee native and an alumna of Washington University in St. Louis, where she majored in Spanish and International Studies. She is one of GLC’s foreign language experts, with knowledge of Spanish, Yoruba, and Arabic. Ife’s students give her rave reviews for her patient, nurturing attitude.

During college, Ife studied abroad in Valparaiso, Chile. There, she learned about topics like social justice, cultural identity, and community development. During the 2013-14 school year, Ife worked at the McLean Old Firehouse Center each Monday as part of a GLC group.

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Matt White

Senior Associate Director
Matt White

Matt majored in History at the University of North Carolina, and had several years of classroom teaching experience for elementary, middle, and high school students before coming to GLC in 2012. In his time at GLC, Matt has earned rave reviews for his ability to keep sessions fun and help students avoid stress as they approach tests and deadlines.

At UNC, Matt was an intramural sports referee, experience that helps keep him composed even when the clock is running and emotions are charged. Over the past several years, he has helped update and improve GLC's in-house SAT curriculum, ensuring that students receive the most engaging and relevant content in our classes and private sessions.

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Jackie Davis

Senior Associate Director

Jackie is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and speaks six languages including French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish. She loves to teach both the humanities and the sciences, including subjects like Biology, Physics, and AP Calculus. Moreover, Jackie has helped her students achieve their score goals on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and SSAT.

Jackie has also taught math, Mandarin, and French in the Loudoun County Public School system. Her classroom experience has helped her recognize the many ways students learn, which is why she tailors her lessons to each student. She regularly reaches out to students’ teachers and parents and is determined to give her students the tools they need to succeed.

Thanks to her experience as a Girl Scout and professor's assistant, Jackie feels like she has never stopped teaching. She loves to travel and has lived abroad in both Paris and Japan. Ultimately, Jackie works to make her tutoring sessions productive yet fun and enjoys seeing her students build confidence during their sessions.

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Rubi Duran

Associate Director

Rubi attended Bowdoin College and majored in Biochemistry. In the past, she has worked with students in the US and abroad, focusing on helping kids achieve their academic goals. She has an extensive science and Spanish language background. Rubi’s desire to build connections with students and help them succeed is the hallmark of her teaching style.

Rubi loves to explore and experience the outdoors. In college, she spent one summer volunteering in the Amazon. Rubi also enjoys cooking and eating the spiciest food she can find. She once ate the infamous ghost pepper, and survived.

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Addie Healy

Associate Director

Addie received a degree in Psychology from Washington and Lee. Addie was a captain and goalkeeper for W&L’s women’s soccer team throughout college. She also has a wealth of experience with kids, helping to develop programs to promote interest in STEM programs for elementary school children. Addie is patient and dedicated with her students and takes a hands-on approach in her sessions.

Addie grew up on a farm in Northern Virginia, where she raised lambs and chickens. She loves hiking, live music, and poetry writing. Additionally, Addie once sailed more than 800 miles in the Caribbean over the course of three weeks.

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Griffin Johns

Associate Director

Griffin double majored in Economics and Geology at Washington and Lee. While in college, he performed geological research in Jamaica and Greece. Griffin also worked as a tennis coach to teach and hone techniques for his kids. Sessions with Griffin are collaborative and engaging.

Since coming to GLC, Griffin has developed a love for Santini’s, which has inspired his fantasy football team name. He is currently getting back into playing tennis after surgery sidelined him while in college.

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Lindsay Mottola

Associate Director

Lindsay earned her Psychology degree from the University of Virginia. A native of Northern Virginia, Lindsay has strong ties to the community. For several years, she worked as a swim coach and instructor. Her history of academics is also extensive, touching upon several topics that GLC students see throughout school. Lindsay’s calm presence is perfect for students who want a guiding and warm hand as they work toward success in school.

Lindsay’s hobbies include reading comic books and engaging in thematic pop culture discussions in online forums. She also enjoys creative pursuits such as writing, painting, and printmaking. Lindsay has identified her love for her dogs, and treats them as if they were people.

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Laura Owsiany

Associate Director

Laura joins the GLC team from Georgetown University where she majored in English. She has worked as a writing instructor for elementary through high school students. Laura is a great resource for students struggling with writing or looking to sharpen their college essays. Her sessions are thoughtful and interactive.

At Georgetown, Laura was on a ballroom dancing team for two years. Laura has a talent for music, having mastered the harp. She used to be part of a harp playing ensemble, and would perform in venues around her hometown, Pittsburgh.

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Merva Razzak

Associate Director

Merva is GLC’s first tutor from UCLA where she majored in Psychobiology. In college she mentored incoming freshmen and volunteered for a pediatric dentist. Merva has extensive experience in math and science courses, and will be great at helping students stay organized and develop strong study plans.

This is Merva’s first time living on the east coast. She brings with her a love for experiencing different cultures, especially trying new foods. Merva also enjoys choreographing and performing South Asian dances at friends' weddings and student shows.

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Evan Zeddies

Associate Director
Evan Zeddies

Evan comes to GLC from Vanderbilt University, having received a degree in Medicine, Health, and Society. He focused his studies on Health and Behavioral Sciences. While in college, Evan supported a variety of students. He not only worked as a camp counselor for several years, earning the title of counselor of the year in 2015, but also helped Biology students as a teaching assistant for college level courses.

Outside of GLC, Evan is an avid traveler. He has visited 4 continents and an impressive 40 states. Additionally, Evan is a skilled builder, having earned the title of Champion of Roller Coaster Tycoon.

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Kyra Caldwell

Kyra Caldwell

Kyra Caldwell is a former Ivy League hurdler who grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She attended Columbia University, where she received her BA in Religion/Premedical Studies. While at Columbia, she captained the Track and Field team, obtained many Ivy-League Championship titles, and ranked among the top 25 in the Nation for the 400 meter Hurdles. She is passionate about inspiring people to improve health through movement and exercise, and improving healthcare delivery.

She enjoys working with young students to help them achieve their academic goals while imparting life-long lessons. Formerly a program director for an academic preparatory program, and research associate she brings a host of experiences to GLC both inside and out of the classroom. Kyra's research experience includes combining stem cells with polymers to help develop meniscal implants and performing literature reviews on articular cartilage repair surgical technique outcomes. Currently, Kyra lives in Washington DC, where she attends Georgetown University and is working
towards her Master's degree in Physiology and Biophysics with a concentration in Complementary Alternative Medicine.

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Matthew Safarik

Associate Director
Matthew Safarik

Matthew graduated from University of Virginia, and he has worked with a wide variety of elementary, middle, and high school students as a tutor and camp counselor in the Charlottesville and Fredericksburg areas over the past several years.

Matthew can support students across a wide range of subjects, including AP English and History, AP math, Latin, and science, making him a great option for students who need help in a number of different areas over the course of a school year. In his spare time, he runs his own photography business specializing in outdoor, portrait, and dance photographs.

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Brittany Spear

Associate Director
Brittany Spear

Brittany Spear (yes, that’s her real name) is a 2013 graduate from Miami University (OH). Only by attending school in Ohio did she realize how great it was to grow up right outside of Washington DC. After a series of odd, adventuresome jobs, which include working on a sailboat in Maine and living in the woods for a year in central Virginia, Brittany decided that her love of all things academic and adolescent was her career choice, so began studying to become a teacher at the University of Virginia.

When not absorbed in the wonders of the academic world, Brittany can be found hiking in the nearby mountains, reading young adult fantasy and science fiction novels, and experimenting with various recipes found on food blogs.

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Katie Irving

Associate Director

Katie grew up in Southern California with twin younger siblings. In high school, she took many AP classes, sang in the choir, and played soccer and lacrosse, so she knows how challenging it can be to juggle activities and school work. She and her family have trained guide dogs for the blind since she was in 6th grade (10 puppies and counting), so Katie is a huge dog lover! To get a taste of the complete opposite of California weather, she attended the University of Notre Dame. She then continued her gradual journey across the country by moving to Charlottesville to work at GLC. Katie tutors a variety of subjects, including AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry.

In her free time, Katie enjoys cooking, baking, singing, reading historical fiction novels, and visiting the many places of historical significance throughout Virginia.

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Drew Mahone

Associate Director
Drew Mahone

Drew graduated in his hometown at the University of Virginia, where he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree. He focused his majors on energy policy and systems with the desire to eventually work in the alternative energy industry designing and building solar panels. Drew particularly enjoys tutoring Mathematics (at all levels) and Physics.

Drew has experience volunteer tutoring children at the Boys and Girls club as well as teaching English as a second language. In his free time, Drew enjoys building small solar panels for fun, playing and watching basketball, playing golf, spending time with his friends, and snowboarding.

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Erin Vines

Associate Director
Erin Vines

Erin grew up in Tennessee, and she graduated last year from the University of Virginia. Before working at GLC, she taught English as a foreign language to students in Colombia. After spending some time working and traveling abroad, she’s so excited to be back in her favorite city—Charlottesville. She absolutely loves teaching, so she’s looking forward to tutoring a variety of subjects at GLC.

Erin loves snow and sweet potatoes. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and going to Trader Joe’s.

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Michelle Nanni

Associate Director
Michelle Nanni

A New York native, Michelle graduated from Cornell University in 2013 with degrees in Biology and Society and Communication. After working for a few years in analytics and consulting while living in different cities around the country, Michelle decided to pursue a medical degree and is currently participating in the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program at the University of Virginia. Since her undergraduate years, Michelle has enjoyed tutoring in writing, math and sciences to students from elementary school to college age. She is excited to continue pursuing this passion as a member of the GLC team!

In her free time, Michelle enjoys playing basketball, running, reading, and all things outdoors. When she isn’t studying or working, you can likely find her exploring new places in Charlottesville.

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Jeff LaPierre

Associate Director
Jeff LaPierre

Jeff grew up in a small town on the east coast of Quebec, Canada. After obtaining his BS in Physics in Quebec he moved to the US to pursue his PhD in Lightning Physics at New Mexico Tech, which he obtained in December of 2015. While working on his PhD, he also was the manager/captain of the Physics basketball team and founded the street hockey club, so he understands the struggles of student athletes. During his time in NM, he met his wife and rescued two stray dogs, a chiweenie and a beagador, who now make up their happy family. After his PhD, Jeff moved to Charlottesville to work at UVA as a postdoctoral researcher in the Environmental Sciences department. Jeff enjoys tutoring all levels of Physics and Mathematics.

Jeff loves hockey and basketball (go Hoos!). In his free time, Jeff enjoys skiing, skating, and traveling around the world. So far he has visited France, Italy, and Japan, just to name a few.

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