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Frequently Asked Questions About GLC

Q: Is tutoring right for my child?

A: All students can benefit from additional academic support. At GLC, we believe the invaluable tutoring we offer accomplishes three things: increases student confidence, pushes students towards academic success, and prepares them with the tools to excel in any learning environment. Regardless of where your child is starting, from struggling to pass a class, needing to be challenged, or anywhere in between, GLC aims to provide support that is lasting, tailored, and meaningful. If this is what you’re looking for, let us know!

Q: What ages of students do GLC’s tutors work with?

A: Our instructors are best equipped to support students in grades 4 through 12 in all academic courses and standardized test preparation. If your child is older or younger, we’re happy to look into possible options with our instructors with backgrounds in these areas.

Q: What is a typical academic tutoring session like?

A: GLC offers one-hour private tutoring sessions Sunday through Thursday in our offices in McLean, Great Falls, and Charlottesville. Most families set up once- or twice-weekly sessions with the same instructor to encourage consistency and accountability. As the needs of students vary, so does the approach to each session. However, a typical session will start with the tutor asking your child to share what they would like to accomplish in the session. This encourages students to set goals for themselves and work on time management. Following this, the instructor and your child will work through the topics for the day and then, lastly, practice, practice, practice. Depending on the session’s focus, they may end by setting up next steps for what the student should be accomplishing on their own. We also have options for 30-minute, 90-minute, and 2-hour sessions, provided availability. Click here to learn more about private tutoring.

Q: What subjects does GLC tutor?

A: GLC offers tutoring in math, science, English, history, and foreign languages through upper high school levels in private tutoring and small group settings, which contain up to 4 students. Tutoring sessions are structured based on students’ needs, whether they be preparing for an upcoming assessment, building content foundations, or providing consistent support and motivation in school work.

Q: Can a student work on multiple subjects during his/her tutoring session?

A: Yes, our instructors are trained for all academic disciplines, through upper high school levels. When you set up tutoring sessions, please share what subject(s) your child plans to work on in the session so we can pair them with an instructor who can address all of their needs.

Q: Who are GLC’s tutors?

A: Our instructors are mentors, partners, and role models who bring the highest levels of subject matter expertise and teaching experience in order to engage students in the learning process. They are graduates of some of the top universities, like Cornell, Notre Dame, Yale, Brown, UPenn, UNC and UVA, and are passionate about instilling a deep love for learning in their students. Our instructors receive over 100 hours of training so they can best address the needs of our students in the McLean, Great Falls, and Charlottesville areas. 

Q: Can GLC help with study skills, time management, and organization?

A: Study skills, time management, and organization are incorporated into general tutoring sessions as our instructors identify how to support students beyond specific academic content. For learners who need direct focus on these skills, we offer individualized sessions that help to identify current habits and provide concrete strategies. We believe study skills are best taught in the context of a student’s academic work, so we encourage our students to bring in their classwork to learn the study methods that are right for them.

Q: Is tutoring just for students who are struggling?

A: Absolutely not! In fact, many of our students are academically talented but benefit from the support of an instructor to focus their efforts, improve their understanding, and achieve greater success.

Q: Is one-on-one tutoring or group study lounge right for my student?

A: Because each student and family is different, we offer two main types of learning environments described below. Should you still have questions, we’re happy to talk with you to determine the better option for your child.

    • One-on-one tutoring is best for students who need full personalized instruction and step-by-step guidance on one or multiple academic topics. This is GLC’s most popular service since a tutor can tailor each session to the student’s individual needs. This option is also a great source of support for students who are excelling in school and need more challenging and rigorous course content. Lastly, we recommend one-on-one for students who are hard workers, but are not seeing the progress they hope for. Our instructors can help provide guidance and insight.
    • Study lounge is a good option for students who can work independently, but would like help only when needed. This group setting is also great for students who would benefit from studying in an academic environment with resources, other students, and a quiet space. Study lounge is typically not recommended for students looking to make major grade improvements, but instead for students who are looking to get some support to stay on track. Some students may schedule one private session with their tutor and schedule a study lounge session later in the week so they can check in with an instructor and get additional questions answered.

Q: What does GLC offer during the summer months?

A: We find that the summer is a great time to address foundational skills, preview next year’s content, write college essays and help students study for standardized tests. We offer one-on-one tutoring for academics and standardized tests as well as SAT and ACT classes. We are open Monday to Friday and offer morning, afternoon and early-evening sessions. Give us a call to set up summer tutoring.

Q: How do I sign up for tutoring at GLC?

A: At GLC, we believe that one of the benefits of private tutoring is the personalization we can offer. We can match students with tutors based on personality, subject matter, and experience. Please call or email us to set up tutoring:

    • Charlottesville: 434-296-5111
    • Great Falls: 703-759-3624
    • McLean: 703-288-2808

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